Tailor Haven - Firenze, Italy

Florence, Italy. We are now in the grand haven - the elusive mecca. You tie your half-windsor and weave the laces of your brogues (you regret not wearing your penny’s). Linen or cotton is most likely the more appropriate choice. You join the rendezvous of sartorial enthusiasts and artists coming together to exchange knowledge and passion.

There is nothing comparable to the vibrancy within the Fortezza da Basso in Florence during these four days. Once you habituate to the blaze of the summer Tuscan sun, the oasis of global style will crystalize your stare. You will attempt to navigate the maze of brands, publications, and various exhibitions only to discover that it may be impossible to engage with everything that fills the Fortezza da Basso. You return each day only to redefine your personal definition of dandy and witness the wealth of intersectionality that each individual holds. In the afternoon, you have an expresso. In the evening, you have a glass of red near the Duomo with your newly minted friendships.

This is Pitti Immagine Uomo told through my photographic eye.

Photography and Writing by Veesh Swamy.

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